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Get Your Business Invested 101: Knowledge, mentorship, and capital opportunity for your venture

Diperbarui: 14 Agu 2020

On Sunday, 26th July 2020, we held our third Hebe Talks with our co-founders, Saxa Wiza Reyhan, Silvio Adriano, and Kristoforus Aditya as the speakers and semi-workshop facilitators.

The third Hebe Talks brings up the salience of knowledge, mentorship, and capital for young entrepreneurs who aspire to start their business with the limited resources that they have. It also discusses other relevant issues that resonate with their personal experiences of being a founder.

A large gap between aspiration and reality

“There are only 0.7% of Indonesians who managed to be young entrepreneurs"

Looking at the statistics, one could see that 34% of the Indonesian population comprise of the millennial generation. 69.1% of the millennials have an aspiration to be entrepreneurs, and unfortunately, only 0.7% of people in Indonesia who serve as young entrepreneurs. This implicates a large gap between those who aspire and those who have realized it.

Challenges of being millennials who want to be business founders

Based on our independent research with millennials, there are several factors that become a challenge for them to realize their aspiration. Firstly, some have brilliant business ideas, however they do not know how to execute it. Secondly, they do not have enough capital due to the limited personal resources. Thirdly, it is difficult to find co-founders with the same passion to build the business together. Fourthly, lack of support from relatives, and lastly, a dire need for good promotional marketing to compete with other business.

What happened to those who have become young entrepreneurs?

Only 3% of business last more than 3 years.”

Through Focus Group Discussion (FGD), it turns out that the average life span of most business founded by young entrepreneurs only last shortly. Looking at four different segments, the largest segment encapsulates 52.5% of business that only last until 6 month. In a smaller scale, 29.5% of business last between 7 months to 1 year. Next, 14.8% of business run between 1 to 3 years. Unsurprisingly, merely 3.3% among the business founded by young entrepreneurs that last more than 3 years. Problems that contribute to this matter usually vary around the method of managing the business, difficulty to find partners, not enough capital, time management, etc.

What are the available options?

There are several options to support the development of the ventures owned by young entrepreneurs, and Hebe is founded to prove mentorship and high accessibility to capital for them. While there are several entities like university academicians, private equity, venture capital, and incubator, we are involved in giving intense mentorship for founders as a means of managing their day-to-day business effectively. At the same time, even if there are a lot of options for financing such as banks, BPR, P2P lending, private equity, venture capital, and angel investor, Hebe gives you simple accessibility of financing opportunities by connecting the prospective founders with business partners.

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